Hi, I’m Deb!

As a certified coach, the passion and purpose that ignites my profession is to carefully guide my clients in embracing and living out an authentic, vigorous and inspired life, by making a genuine connection with their own heart, and learning how to effectively express their inner voice with strength and poise. It truly is my greatest joy working closely with brave, creative souls who are ready and willing to embark upon a new season, forged by the power of deep transformation.

When we gather the courage to fearlessly pursue a life of purpose and passion, the world becomes a better and more harmonious place. We all have our own special gift to bring to the world. It’s time for you to access your greatest potential. It’s time to press into the best version of yourself.

Every detail of my story -- including the struggles, the tears, and the “failures” -- has made me who I am, and has led me to where I am today. If we take the time to look closely enough, it is clear to see that everything is connected. Everything, somehow, makes sense. The key to happiness, I have learned, is not at the mercy of circumstance. It continually lies within me, simply waiting patiently to be accessed. I am right where I am supposed to be, right now, in this moment. And you are right where you are supposed to be, in this moment. But there is much more waiting for you.


I was born in Argentina. From a very young age, the pursuit of “perfection” was my safe haven, the endless energy that fueled by ambition. After receiving my Master’s degree in business, and laboring over a decade for multinational companies from Argentina to the United States, I found myself feeling increasingly empty and unfulfilled.

Deep down, I have always been a curious soul, and that curiosity led me down a path of self-exploration that completely altered my ideas of the world… my ideas of myself. On that journey, I felt drawn to Reiki and the practice of meditation. Yet, there was still something missing. This is when a close friend (and amazing coach) suggested that coaching might complement what I was already discovering. It was not an easy decision, shifting my time and energy from the demands of the corporate world to a spiritual awakening, but when I surrendered to the pull that Life had on me in that specific moment, I was immediately invited into the most enriching and challenging experience.

By the end of my training, I had a treasure trove of powerful tools that have the potential to assist others, much like myself, to discover a more authentic and passionate space in which to reside. I went from seeking “perfectionism” in my life -- a slave to rules, expectations, striving and judgment -- to accessing a more peaceful, purposeful, inspired and joyful life.

And so? I quit my full-time job in the rigorous corporate world, and after volunteering in the mountains of Nepal (it’s amazing how powerful kids’ smiles are) I now reside in Paris, coaching full-time. Each day, I have the privilege of exploring the greatest potential and growth, not only in myself (the journey is never quite finished), but also in others. It is a wondrous state of perpetual awe when we surrender enough to allow the Universe to surprise us with its enormous beauty, mystery and generosity.

It thrills me most to see people standing up courageously to change their lives, despite circumstances, raising their voices, against all odds, and shining brighter. My coaching is all about changing our lives from the inside, out. It's about standing up and taking responsibility for our world, and creating a new life, full of heart.


“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” - Gandhi

Let’s turn on the light within you, so the whole spectrum of colors from the entire rainbow can be available for you every day.


“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old but on building the new.” - Socrates

Discover and Connect with your Passion
Passion is the secret to successful and meaningful life... but not knowing what you're passionate about is quite a hurdle... so let's work on it together: focused attention, improved performance, and increased productivity and flow
Do what you Love
You’re stuck in a job or a career that doesn’t fit you. You want to stop following your family’s dreams and start pressing into your own, but perhaps risking financial security proves scary. Let's explore all this together so you can make smart decisions that are in balance with what your heart is screaming for.
Create a Healthy Life
Being healthy is not about losing weight. It is a mind set about looking after your body, treating it right, being happy, feeling confident and loving yourself. Not everyone is looking to diet, take up morning runs, or fall in love with yoga. We are all different, so let's find what suits you.
Be Creative in your Relations
We are all interconnected and we can change anything we want, and for that we must be creative! Stop hunkering down someplace safe and pursue success with creative engagement.
Finding Balance
Life is very much a balancing act - trying to constantly move forward with our purpose and goals without losing our grip on everything is tough. We don't get personal assistants in life, no one is going to balance it all for you. Let's work together on creating (and maintaining) a newly balanced life.
Work with me
Let’s walk the talk together in order to live an authentic and fulfilling life! Any struggle can be overcome when you’re committed to working it through, listening to what your heart asks for, and showing up each day to experience and actively create a new life.
Each package includes:
• The Welcome Pack - getting to know you, being clear on where you are, identifying what’s holding you back, and determining where you want to go
• 5 x 75 minutes over 4 months coaching calls in English, Spanish or Portuguese
• Email support in-between sessions (for asking important questions, maintaining accountability, staying engaged, moving towards your goals)


“Change is the essence of life, be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.” - Reinhold Niebuhr

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